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Rugged, Unpretentious as well as Real…This is Union Island!

“Where do we stamp into the country?” I asked as we docked at the tiny, wooden pier. “At the airport” was the captain’s reply. True, the flight terminal would be the normal location one receives their arrival stamp, however we had shown up by boat, not air! Needless to say, the customs as well as immigration system in the Caribbean is quite laid back, together with whatever else. After waiting on a minibus to pick us up from the side of the road, we made our method to the flight terminal to check-in to Union, the southernmost island in the nation of St. Vincent as well as The Grenadines.

We were greeted at Kings landing hotel by a extremely kind lady as well as the owner, who absolutely could’ve been a Kanye West look-a-like. Our sea view bungalow was steps from the water with an remarkable view of the Clifton Harbor, kite surfers as well as of delighted Island: a man-made island just off shore with nothing a lot more than a bar (stay tuned for the post about this extremely delighted place!)

Our lovely bungalow at Kings landing hotel – like the stone walls!
The streets were vibrant as well as funky, as well as the people were warm as well as welcoming. Instantly, we got the perception that Union Island isn’t truly a top vacationer destination – which is what we liked about it. buildings were in disrepair with colourful paint chipping off; dogs roamed the streets as if they had the place; people sauntered around drinking as well as smoking pot at any type of (and all) hours of the day; as well as there was the occasional crazy person walking around yelling out obscenities!

This is Union! – dogs, goats on the road, one gas station, colourful boats
You understand when you show up somewhere as well as you get the feeling that it’s a place you’d like to stay awhile? For us, that was Union. This island wasn’t being “put-on” for tourists. It was rugged, unpretentious, genuine as well as had a extremely Caribbean vibe to it.

We got to understand a few of the regional people at the close-by shops as well as restaurants as well as always gotten our mangoes, avocados as well as bananas from Sam, the side-of-the-road vendor. found ideal next to the prominent fruit market (also understood as the rip-off market), Sam instantaneously provided us the regional cost for create as well as had the greatest smile.

Buying fruit from Sam was a genuine treat
Another lady named happiness set up a BBQ each Friday as well as Saturday night. A large plate of poultry with 3 different salads would show up at our table, gone along with by her homemade passionfruit or soursop juice. Joy went above as well as beyond when she opened up particularly for us as well as our two Canadian good friends on her day off (Sunday), when anywhere else was closed. We shown up for dinner as well as discovered the table set for four, total with placemats, utensils, cups as well as napkins. We were VIPs! thanks Joy!

We likewise took pleasure in the business of the personnel at Kings landing Hotel, Barracuda restaurant as well as the Yacht Provisions Cafe. It was great to wake as much as friendly faces greeting us at the hotel and to have smiling service throughout the day.

Not only were the people great, however the sights as well as scenery were as well. We had heard about the regional hangout of Chatham Bay as well as hopped on a loud, ancient, golf cart to take us from Clifton to the top of a jungley foot path. We were figured out to get some type of exercise on this trip so we selected to hike down to the beach. The walk was eco-friendly as well as rich as well as absolutely reminded us of our hikes in Grenada. At the bottom of the trail, we were greeted with a few rum shacks, a restaurant as well as a golden stretch of beach.

The jungley footpath down to Chatham Bay
Other days were spent enjoying the business of our two new Canadian good friends (Andy as well as his daughter, Dakota), kicking back on one of the most stunning stretches of white sand, walking around the town as well as eating method as well lots of pieces of authentic Italian pizza!

Lounging at Sparrow’s beach Bar…Not bad, eh?!
We explored this small island of only 3,000 people over the program of 8 days. For being such a little island (5 kms x 1.5 kms), we believed we may get bored, however we didn’t! Set only 90 kms SW of Barbados, 10 kms from the popular Tobago Cays as well as within sight of Carriacou as well as Grenada, Union Island is the best base for checking out the southern Caribbean…and we did just that!

Stay tuned to hear about the Caribbean’s coolest bar as well as our day of sailing with the idyllic Tobago Cays!

Traveller’s notes & Tips:

Where to Sleep:
We stayed at Kings landing hotel as well as liked the seaside bungalow. They are currently doing restorations to enhance the property. There’s a pool, sea view, amazing personnel as well as restaurant. Currently, spaces variety from $126USD to $200USD. After the reno’s, the owner plans to have different bundle plans offered to include meals, booze as well as tours. get in touch with Marius by email at:

Kde jíst:
1. Barracuda Restaurant (an Italian had as well as operated place). found on the waterfront road, next to the primary ferry pier at Clifton. Pizzas from $25EC, pastas from $35EC.

This pizza was extremely delicious!

2. Sparrow’s beach Bar (French owned). Ask your hotel to get in touch with the bar as well as they will come as well as pick you up as well as bring you back, for free. The beach right here is gorgeous. Beers $7EC, Burgers $20-$30EC, Mains $35EC as well as up. Lounge chairs are complimentary is you eat as well as there’s an outside shower.

3. Captain Gourmet Yacht Provisions (French had as well as operated). A shop/cafe generally for people stocking up on provisions for their boat. found in the center of town next to the fruit market. The cafe serves delicious, strong coffees $8EC for an Americano, breakfasts $10EC as well as up as well as other snacks.

4. Joy’s BBQ (locally had as well as operated). A few steps from Kings landing Hotel. This regional lady cooks up a indicate BBQ on Fridays as well as Saturdays! BBQ chicken, pork tail, ribs or fish with three different salads costs $18EC. She likewise makes as well as bottles fresh fruit juice for $5EC. She even has her own labels on the bottles!

Joy’s BBQ is a genuine treat!

5. Aqua restaurant (Italian owned), found ideal on the beach at Chatham Bay. phone call ahead for a pick-up, or take a boat over to the bay. This is a stunning restaurant/bar. Beers $10EC, poultry roti $30EC, mains $50EC as well as up.

A huge say thanks to you to Marius as well as the personnel at Kings landing hotel for holding us during our stay on Union Island. As always, all thoughts, opinions as well as evaluations stay our own.

Have you ever travelled somewhere that made you want to stick around longer than you originally planned? Ukaž nám!

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