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Posted: 09/24/12 | September 24th, 2012

They state you just understand when you’re in love. That this feeling of certainty comes over you, that it gets into your bones as well as changes you completely.

While I’ve never been in love, that’s a feeling I’ve experienced before.

I keep in mind the moment I walked out of the metro onto the Champs-Élysées in Paris. I knew best there I loved Paris. I might feel it in my bones. I loved Paris, as well as each day I’ve spent there because has only made that feeling grow stronger. Paris as well as I were destined for each other.

And that’s precisely exactly how I feel about Portugal.

Walking along the streets of Lisbon as I made my way to my friend’s house, I got that feeling all over again. I knew quickly I was in love with Lisbon. however much more than that, I knew I was in love with Portugal.

I don’t understand exactly how I knew, however I did — as well as as I spent two weeks in Portugal exploring Lisbon, Porto, as well as the Port white wine region of the Douro Valley, I fell even much more deeply in love.

As I made my way up to my friend’s house on that preliminary walk, I couldn’t assist however notice the trash, graffiti, as well as abandoned buildings everywhere. half the buildings were damaged down with boarded-up windows as well as looked as though they were filled with squatters or medication addicts. Yet unlike the Italian city of Naples — which has that exact same external appearance — Lisbon didn’t feel gross or unsafe. It didn’t make me feel like I needed a shower. No, it just felt lived in.

I spent four days traversing the city, as well as every tiny, cobblestoned street that opened onto a café-lined as well as church-filled square just made me love it more. Lisbon had history. It had depth. It had a personality.

Since Lisbon is a very hilly city, you are never far from a sweeping panoramic view of the city as well as its traditional red-roofed homes. The old Alfama area is a maze of tiny, meandering streets, as well as if you check out the area between the museum of Fado as well as museum of Portuguese Art, you’ll across dimly lit regional restaurants as well as unpretentious homes where the locals go about their lives far from the vacationer crowds.

I left Lisbon in awe as well as headed north to Porto, the well-known city on the Douro River known for its port wine. While I didn’t love Porto the way I loved Lisbon, it was still a amazing city with very inexpensive white wine as well as a stunning riverfront. I believe the area around the river is sensational as well as has some worthwhile panoramic views (try to get across the river as well as head to The Yeatman Hotel, where you can have a drink in the bar, sit out on the terrace, as well as delight in the view without being a guest).

What I truly took pleasure in was the surrounding Douro Valley, with its thousand-meter peaks as well as thirst-quenching wineries. The wineries are high up on the hills as well as a bit of a drive along winding roads, however it’s like no white wine country I’ve ever seen. sitting up on the patio looking out over this amazing valley was jaw dropping.

Not only was the country gorgeous however all the locals I met were friendly, warm, as well as welcoming. They took the time to assist me, discuss Portuguese life, as well as show me their culture. I especially keep in mind a woman who ran a restaurant in Lisbon (which has because closed, unfortunately). It was a small place: only three tables. I went there for dinner, and she prepared a four-course meal paired with wine. The food was great as well as the white wine great, however her charm as well as outstanding conversation are what I’ll remember.

And then there was the outstanding personnel at Gallery Hostel that cooked sophisticated 10-course meals as well as sat down to eat with the guests.

Portugal charmed me, dazzled me, as well as wooed me. It’s been a while because a country took me aback so much. (Japan did a few months ago, however I was already in love with it before I went.)

I love a lot of countries I visit, however few leave enduring impressions this strong (France, Cambodia, as well as Sweden come to mind), as well as in my two weeks in Portugal, I loved what I saw.

But I still have much more to explore: the Azores, the Algarve, Lagos, Faro, as well as whatever in between.

Portugal is talked extremely of among travelers, as well as after costs time there, I understand why. If you haven’t been yet, I suggest you go. You may even run into me while you’re there, since with so much left to see as well as my undying love, I’ll be back soon.

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