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Day Sailing in Grenada With Footloose Charters

When Dariece’s dad as well as his other half came to see us last month, we understood that we’d have to show them around Grenada, as well as what much better method to see a Caribbean island than by sea? We contacted Footloose Yacht Charters Grenada as well as they were happy to show us a day of sailing around our lovely bit Caribbean jewel.

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We satisfied at the personal dock on Lagoon road, which is set southern end of the island. We were greeted by our Captain, Alston as well as Skipper, Kenny, who were to be our team for the day. Kenny’s significant smile was sufficient to persuade us that this was going to be a excellent day of sailing.

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We boarded the Timshel, a stunning 44ft high-performance catamaran with a wide uncluttered deck as well as comfortable seating. The front of the boat had a trampoline, perfect for relaxing with a rum punch while the sea carefully moved by underneath. the very best part about booking a sail trip with Footloose Yacht Charters is that they only do personal tours, so we had the entire boat to ourselves!

We set out on the glass calm seas as well as the sails were up by 10 am. The wind was quite weak however Alston understood just where to go to get the very best push for our lovely boat. We sailed north, directly to Molinere Bay, where a group of statues have been sunk in the sea since 2006.

1st stop – Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park

We anchored up as well as strapped on our snorkel gear to check out this incredible underwater gallery. Each of the human shaped figures have been submerged in seawater long sufficient that significant amounts of coral have grown around them. While their life-like features are still visible, much of their detail is covered by a crusty mix of remarkably coloured corals.

After swimming around the statues for about an hour, we hopped back on the boat as well as started sailing towards our next stop, happy hill Bay. With drink in hand, we slowly cruised over the mirror-like sea without any seems other than the sail flapping in the wind as well as the warm Caribbean waters lapping on the bow of the boat below.

2nd stop – Happy hill Bay

When we shown up at happy hill Bay, we went for one more snorkel while Kenny as well as Alston prepared a tasty lunch for us. There were no sunken effigies at this snorkel spot, however the coral was lovely as well as we spotted a couple of eels as well as numerous small fish hiding among a myriad of vibrant difficult as well as soft corals.

When we got back on the boat, lunch was prepared –  a significant spread of fish, chicken, beans, sausages, salads, garlic bread, corn and of course… more rum punch. all of us sat around eating the tasty lunch while Alston told us stories of his sailing past as well as about the history of Grenada. By the end of the meal, all of us felt as though we’d made a couple of new good friends in Alston as well as Kenny.

Delicious Lunch!
After lunch, the wind lastly chosen up as well as Alston sailed us far out to sea as well as up the coastline near to the town of Gouyave. all of us joked that we should just continue on to Carriacou! We then turned as well as started heading south, back towards where we had started.

As the sun dipped low in the sky, Alston let us man the rudder to stear the boat as well as he went as well as fetched his guitar. all of us sung sailing tunes as well as enjoyed more rum punch as our trusty catamaran was carefully swept towards Morne Rouge Bay, our final stop.

3rd & final stop – Morne Rouge Bay

Our last stop before returning to the personal dock on lagoon road was the lovely Morne Rouge Bay, our favourite beach in Grenada. The sun was just about to hit the horizon as we anchored up one last time as well as all jumped off of the Timshel for a refreshing swim.

As all of us waded in the crystal remove waters, we agreed that we didn’t want this day to end. Alston as well as Kenny had made sure that we were well fed with a drink in our hands as well as a smile on our deal with all the time as well as we couldn’t have been happier with the Timshel boat as well as the services offered.

Sailing Back To Shore

Konec dne

We got back on the boat as well as Dariece, myself, Tom as well as Kathy all filled up one more rum punch before retreating to the front of the boat where we sat on the trampoline as well as chatted about our outstanding day of sailing around Grenada. The sun had almost set behind us as we pulled as much as the dock.

We quote farewell to our new gooD Friends Alston, stejně jako Kenny, a také se rozloučili s krásným Timshel Catamaran, který nám ukázal takový vynikající den na moře. Náš den plachtění s Yacht Charters Footloose se nám naprosto líbil, stejně jako doufáme, že se jednou vrátíme do Timshelu na jednu další plachtu, ale příště si budeme muset rezervovat vícedenní plachetnici! Plachtění je rozhodně jednou z nejlepších věcí, které můžete hrát v Grenadě.

Podívejte se na naše video z tohoto vynikajícího dne!

Chcete-li si zarezervovat den, nebo více den, plachetnice s Footloose Tours, můžete se s nimi spojit zde, zavolejte na (473) 405-9531 nebo jim pošlete e-mail na

Zvláštní poděkování patří Footloose Yacht Charters, Grenada za držení Darieter & I v tento den plachtění. Jako vždy, všechny myšlenky a názory na cestu zůstanou naše vlastní, navzdory jakémukoli typu nabízených služeb.

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